Poker for Beginners

We all had to start somewhere and this beginners poker page is a good place to start.

How Online Poker works

The poker room provides you with software where you can play poker at a virtual poker table. Other players, like yourself, can join in the game and play poker with you. The software has a RNG (Random Number Generator) which ensures that cards are dealt randomly. Unlike general casino games, the poker room takes a rake as a reward for providing the facilities. With this rake they fund tournaments, pay royalties, and continually reinvest into a bigger and better poker room for you. Online poker has one BIG advantage in my view and that is that you can play with total anonymity and NOT be given away because you don't possess a stoic poker face!

Poker Jargon

Also known as poker lingo. You are looking at phrases that mean everything in play. You need to know them in order to understand the direction that poker play is taking. Click here to visit the Poker Jargon page.

Poker Hands

Some hands rank higher than others. You need to understand these hands in order to invest in what you hold or to build towards a really solid hand. Click here to visit our poker hands page.

Poker Basics

Knowing the basics of each game is an important starting point. We offer you a brief description of each game so that your understanding has a solid footing. Click here to visit our poker basics page.

The deeper insight

We also offer resources that will benefit both beginner and expert alike. To understand what is going on will put you streets ahead of the other players! Click here to visit our Texas Hold'em poker guide page.