Texas Hold'em Strategy - "Pre Flop"

A PreFlop is the very first stages of any Texas Hold’em game. The players that have chosen to play this particular game have all received their allotted two cards (also knows as pocket cards) and a round of preflop betting has taken place before the community cards are dealt. This is when a player will decide whether to carry on playing or fold.

When the game of Texas Hold’em start it is best to ascertain what the value of your cards are, and what they will mean in the game. Holding a set of cards that is slightly erroneous, will not win you any game, and the probability of these cards rectifying themselves with higher value cards, slightly improbably.

Before embarking on any Texas Hold’em game, you will need a clear and precise understanding and knowledge of poker hands which will include the basic knowledge plus the entire range of card strengthens.

A Texas Hold’em Preflop deals with your hand, your opponents hand and your table position. The first factor is your hand. This you will be able to assess in relatively no time, using your basic knowledge of the game and your card strengths. Your opponents’ hands are very difficult to assess, but through body language, gestures and generally observing your opponents one should be able to get a rough idea of what they hold, and then lastly is the table position. It is always considered better to be in the “late position” in any table as this allows you to observe how the table has reacted and wagered before it comes to your turn.

Texas Hold’em is by far one of the most popular poker games that is played at any casino, be it online or landbased and is a game of excitement, skill and fun.