Texas Hold'em Strategy - "String Bets"

Poker string bets are definitely frowned upon in the poker gaming world as it is considered a little bit of an intimidating move.

In any poker game, if one gets down to the real basics, one player will place a bet and the subsequent player then has three choices. He can fold, if he feels he that his hand is not worth betting on, and that other players would in all probability hold higher or better cards than what he does. He can call or see the bet, that is put in the same amount of money that was wagered before his turn or he can raise the bet. This means he has to put in the equivalent of what was put in before plus extra.

In any live poker game, a player has to verbally state his intention when it comes to his turn on the table. They will say “I fold”, “I call the bet” (or “see” the bet) or “I will raise the bet”. By doing this all players know exactly what the poker player intends to do and hence can calculate their game accordingly.

A poker String Bet is when a player announces, “I call your bet” and then allows a certain amount of time to lapse before he or she announces “and raise you”. This confuses players as they literally have to pause to ascertain whether this particular player has actually called or raised. It is one of the tactics that was used in the old fashioned games to slow down the pace and also to rattle fellow players.

This is definitely not allowed in the more modern games and any player trying this tactic at a reputable casino will definitely be asked to leave the table immediately.
Each casino, online or land based have their very own set of rules and regulations and it is always a good idea to familiarise yourself with these stipulations so that everyone can enjoy the game of poker without having to face unnecessary and avoidable unpleasantaries.