Poker Strategy

A series of definitive guides to help you better understand the game of Texas Holdem were written by the Poker Prophet. Click on the links below to read the more detailed strategies that will take you further in the poker world.

Texas Hold'em "Basics"

The games, the bets, and generally becoming familiar with the game itself. - Texas Hold'em "Basics".

Texas Hold'em "Starting Hands"

Which hands are good, bad, mediocre, and why they are this way. - Texas Hold'em "Starting Hands".

Texas Hold'em "Seating Positions"

Different seating positions in the game have their own advantages and disadvantages. - Texas Hold'em "Seating Positions".

Texas Hold'em "Reading the Board"

The cards on the table tell their own story. How well do you read them? - Texas Hold'em "Reading the Board"

Texas Hold'em "Art of Bluffing"

Bluffing is not only about winning the hand, it's about creating doubt. - Texas Hold'em "Art of Bluffing"

Texas Hold'em "Odds of Drawing"

Knowing what the odds of drawing a card are will make your decision infinitely more qualified. - Texas Hold'em "Odds of Drawing"

Texas Hold'em "Pot Odds"

A simple calculation is all it takes to weigh up the odds. - Texas Hold'em "Pot Odds"