Inducing Bluffs

Bluffing is totally a game that is played by a player within the game of poker. Here you will have certain “tells”, especially in online poker, and depending on what you hold in your hand, will ascertain what Bluff or Tell you would want to convey.

Should you hold a really superb hand that you are convinced will certainly win you the pot, you would want to induce a bluff that would portray that you are not really convinced that your hand is the best. This, strictly speaking, would encourage your opponents to gain confidence in the cards they are holding and hence increase the pot size dramatically when it comes to their turn to bet. This way, when the showdown comes, your hand will outstrip your opponents and you will get to walk away with whatever is in the pot.

However, should your hand not hold the highest cards, or cards that could possibly win the pot for you, you would want to induce a bluff that would portray that you are incredibly confident that your hand will indeed win whatever other hand the other players have. This will defer players to carry on playing by folding, and should be in the latter part of the game, the pot size could in all probability be quite substantial, and hence even with a mediocre hand, you could walk away claiming it because of other players, with maybe higher value cards to yours, having folded before the end of the game.

Inducing Bluffs, is not easy and it takes practice to either read bluffs or to execute bluffs. At any land based casino it is slightly easier, as one could possibly read quite prominent body language or expressions, than at an online casino games, but it can still be done.

The pointers that are normally looked at at an online casino are whether you call, raise or the length of time it takes you to make a decision when it comes to your turn at the table. Calls tell of an unsure hand, raises speak of a confident hand and the length of time it takes to place your bet tells of an unsure hand.

Inducing Bluffs works both ways. You can do it, but you never know who else at the table is doing it as well.